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Research & Development

Pyramid Builders Ltd is the only masonry company in the UK with a dedicated research and development facility.

To date, we have 27 UK patents in place, with other applications pending. Many of the above patents have been initiated from progressive site ideas, through a process of trial, amend and develop to completion.

Our company is, and has been, built around very independent individuals who believe their ideas are best. This attitude and mentality has manifested in an outpouring of creativity and a determination to achieve excellence.

To date we have designed:

1. New patented access system

2. A replacement product for windposts

3. A new design of coping with water harvesting capability

4. A new concrete block with several design enhancements

Other products are being developed and modified to improve or replace perceived weaknesses in the current build practices.

The fact that some of the above products have already established themselves as market leaders confirms our unique status within the industry.

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