Coin Street Site B, Waterloo, London

coin-street Client: Coin Street
Contractor: Mansell
Package Value: £375,000


The Coin Street re-development formed a core part in the revitalisation of London’s South Bank. The accommodation units were built for private and public use. The external façade was formed with traditional brickwork and one of the features of this scheme was that no lintels were used externally, all window and door soffits were formed from hanging brick on edge detail. This work was highly skilled and time-consuming.

The fact that the scheme has been finished almost 10 years and close inspection today will not reveal a single crack at brick-on-edge level, or adjacent to openings, is a firm confirmation of our skill base and ability to construct self-supporting masonry. The scheme was formed around an extensive inner courtyard, with landscaped and paved areas. The quality of construction, allied to the riverside location, made it one of the most “des. res” purchases!

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